THIS BLOWS is a CBC original horror comedy series from veteran comedian Bruce McCulloch (Kids in The Hall, Young Drunk Punk) and the up and coming sibling duo Cole Northey and Aleita Northey. The action-packed series follows the people-pleasing struggling actress, Anna Gowen played by Aleita Northey (Killer Instinct, Master’s of Horror), as she grapples with her newfound ability to blow people up every time she’s angry.


Anna Gowen (20’s), a struggling actress and reluctant waitress, gets hit by a car and shockingly survives --only to discover she now has a strange power; that reveals itself every time she gets angry.

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This Blows is an 8 part web-series laid out in 10 minute episodes. This means that you're free to enjoy the hilarious content in delicious bite-sized portions...or all at once if you can't help yourself.

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This Blows co-creator and director Cole Northey shot a music video for The Dirty Nil - Zombie Eyed that became the spark inspiring development of the series.  In the video, Aleita Northey is hit by a car and then proceeds to skip down the road gleefully exploding everyone she sees.

It was a year later that Bruce McCulloch said "...I think that's a show" and began developing a story alongside Cole and Aleita Northey. Bruce's comedy prowess and experience was the invaluable asset needed to expand 'This Blows' into a full-fledged show.